Green Energy Technology Strategic Ecosystem

Focusing on the three major industries of new energy, new materials, and new IoT, Veken aims to make breakthroughs in sodium batteries and hydrogen energy. By leveraging the advantages of its investment headquarters in industrial investment and supply chain, Veken focuses on key projects, coordinates ecological resources, strengthens the responsibility system, enhances team capabilities, and accelerates the cultivation of core industrial competitiveness and strategic ecological strength. The company is committed to building a 1+3 green energy technology strategic ecosystem.

Industrial Strategic Positioning

Veken Technology: Leveraging lithium and sodium battery technology advantages to build an ecosystem for sodium energy storage, 3C digital products, and small power products, establishing a leading position in the green energy storage industry.

Veken Textiles:Focusing on new industrial materials such as hydrogen energy membranes, the company cultivates products like precision mesh screens, hydrogen energy membranes, technological fabrics, and technological home textiles, aiming to become a leading company in new material technology.

Veken IoT: Utilizing the advantages of futures/bonded warehouses and the first full-chain digital platform in China, the company aims to establish a regional distribution center for new energy bulk raw materials.

Investment Headquarters Platform: Leading with industrial investment and capital operations, the platform aims to build an ecosystem for high-tech investment, new energy supply chains, energy storage finance, and technology real estate investment, empowering industrial development.

Investment Headquarters Platform

Three Core Industries