Gaoxin IOT Technology

Focusing on the decentralized and tamper proof characteristics of blockchain, and combining the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other advanced information technologies, we will carry out logistics model innovation such as "traditional industry+Internet plus+logistics" and "Internet plus" efficient logistics.

It is committed to breaking through the information barriers in the three sectors of trade, logistics and finance in the process of bulk trade, so as to create more efficient and higher value-added bulk trade "new trading services", "new logistics services" and "new financial services".

To build the first "full link digital platform for bulk trade" based on basic scientific and technological innovation in China, with the goal of becoming a "rookie" in the bulk commodity industry.

Comprehensive Digital Platform for Bulk Trade

  • Leveraging the warehousing and logistics capabilities of Ningbo Free Trade Zone High-tech Container Company, we conduct warehousing, futures delivery, shipping, logistics distribution, and agency services. This enriches related businesses, achieving a complementary relationship between resource development and business growth, thereby enhancing core support and control capabilities.

    In collaboration with block-chain company Qulian Technology, we have established a joint venture to apply blockchain technology to supply chain management. This addresses issues of information opacity and inefficiency, enabling information sharing across all stages of the supply chain, promoting collective decision-making and oversight, eliminating the "bullwhip effect," and improving the efficiency of enterprise production, operations, and management.

    We have established a complete trade chain from upstream international resource partners, port warehousing bases, and futures delivery warehouses to domestic distribution channels. The port warehousing base is located at the core of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, covering over 200,000 square meters. It is a designated futures delivery warehouse for the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, and Shanghai Futures Exchange, as well as a designated delivery warehouse and intelligent customs supervision warehouse for the Ningbo Commodity Exchange.

    By incorporating IoT, AI vision, and block-chain as three key trusted technologies, we break down information barriers across the trading, logistics, and financial sectors. We are committed to building the nation's first "Comprehensive Intelligent Platform for Bulk Trade" based on foundational technological innovation and application.

  • Ningbo Free Trade Zone Gao Xin Containers Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Gao Xin Logistics Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Free Trade Zone Gao Xin Cross-Border Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

New Energy Bulk Trade Ecosystem

  • Focusing on core industries such as new energy and textiles, and leveraging the group's advantages in bulk trade, we aim to increase the business proportion of new energy metals such as lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, nickel, and cobalt. We are advancing the application for a lithium carbonate futures delivery warehouse, aiming to establish a new energy metals bulk commodity hub in the Jiangsu-Zhejiang region.

    Relying on abundant industrial resources and a large export scale, we have established a global export sales network covering Europe, America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and South America, primarily selling textiles and battery products. Simultaneously, through bulk trade, we import raw materials from North America, South America, Australia, and Africa, forming a complete global import and export trade loop. To further consolidate the supply chain, we have invested in upstream raw material enterprises and established lithium mining resources in Africa.By leveraging comprehensive trade advantages and extensive experience from upstream raw material supply to downstream end manufacturers, we effectively help industries control costs, improve capital efficiency, and shorten supply chain cycles.

  • Ningbo Veken Jiafeng Materials Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Riche International Trade Co., Ltd.