Veken's Business and Management System

Veken operates under a 1+3 (Investment Headquarters + Three Major Industries) business and management system led by the Board of Directors.
      The 1+3 industries are responsible for the group's green energy technology strategy. The Board grants the 1+3 leaders maximum decision-making authority through a non-authorization list.
      Subsidiaries under the 1+3 structure function as business units focused on improving efficiency and value. They follow a general manager responsibility system, operating independently within their capital limits and bearing their own profits and losses. We adhere to "managing people through systems and managing tasks through processes," enhancing the non-authorization list, green channel, and IT support mechanisms to ensure efficient, transparent, and standardized operations.

Incentive Mechanism

We are developing an incentive mechanism that links "returns, development, and responsibility" with "positions, compensation, and equity." This mechanism focuses on rewarding those who work hard and contribute. It includes short-term performance incentives, mid-term profit sharing, key project incentives, and long-term partnerships. This approach creates a unique honor-based incentive system for Veken, ensuring unified efforts and benefits.

Excitation Mechanism