New Materials

Veken continues to build its fiber technology advantages, developing into a high-tech new materials R&D and manufacturing enterprise. The core products include hydrogen energy membranes, precision mesh screens, industrial textiles, and home technology fabrics.

Leveraging the new materials technology platform of the Veken Textile Research Institute, the company leads the development and application research of new textile products, processes, and technologies. By utilizing fiber technology, green manufacturing, and supply chain advantages, and integrating advanced technologies from Japan, Switzerland, and other countries, Veken actively develops products such as hydrogen energy membranes, precision mesh screens, PEEK, technological home textiles, and functional fabrics.

In the field of industrial textiles, Veken Mesh is a leading Chinese company in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales. The company continuously invests in R&D to develop and apply high-performance special materials like hydrogen energy membranes (VHES 2.0), high-end precision mesh screens, and PEEK.

In the field of technology and green manufacturing, Veken owns digital and intelligent textile industrial bases in Ningbo Beilun, Xiapu, and other locations. The company masters first-class domestic technologies and processes for fabric development, weaving, dyeing, and finishing, providing R&D, design, ODM and OEM services for its own brands as well as top domestic and international clothing and home textile brands.

In the branded products area, leveraging the advantages of its industrial chain and highly specialized design, manufacturing, and marketing teams, Veken creates uniquely styled home textile and fabric brand. The company has established strategic partnerships with many internationally renowned brands in Europe and America.

Fiber Technology R&D Platform

  • Veken holds 135 national invention patents, including those for coral fleece, Raschel, large jacquard bedding fabrics, Tencel jacquard fabrics, negative ion wool and silk, warping machine tension adjustment, stenter discharge system, filter mesh heat setting, and electronic jacquard machine component testing.

    The company deepens its technical, product, and raw material cooperation with large domestic and international fabric and special fiber enterprises. Together, they research and develop new material technologies and processes such as PEEK, LCP, and high-luster African jacquard, enhancing the technological content of products and further shaping the image of high-tech textile products.

    Veken has established a Textile Technology Research Institute, leading the development and application research of new textile products, processes, and technologies. The company enhances internal application and redevelopment capabilities of various technologies, accumulating its own technical advantages to create patented technological products. It has successively developed Ti-snow craftsmanship, ultra-soft processing, and fabric functional finishing processes, and specially formulated color of “Veken Red”, which is vibrant and bright. The continually updated advanced process technologies place the company at the forefront of the industry.

Industrial Materials

  • Veken mesh

    Veken mesh is one of the key industries cultivated by Veken Group in the field of new materials. Ningbo Veken mesh Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. After more than 10 years of development, it mainly produces high-tension and high-precision wire mesh products with 420 mesh and 460 mesh. It has become one of the most professional R & D, manufacturing and sales enterprises in China. It is the first Sino-Japanese joint venture printing screen manufacturer and a national high-tech enterprise. Its industrial scale, technology, and manufacturing strength rank first in China and top five in the world.

    A 11,000-square-meter “10,000-level purification” standard dust-free workshop is built in Ningbo, equipped with advanced Silk Screen production equipment such as Swiss Sulzer, German KARL MAYER, Bruckner, etc. It adopts Japan's advanced production management model and quality control system, and it is the only domestic Chinese-foreign joint-venture Silk Screen manufacturer that introduces advanced Japanese technology and fully managed in accordance with Japanese style. It has more than 100 wire mesh production patents and world-class testing technology.

      High-end application areas: Veken mesh has the characteristics of high tension, low extension, and better mesh surface performance. It is suitable for 3C touch screens, mobile phone glass covers, solar composite screens, electronic circuit boards and other precision screen printing fields, as well as acoustic filtration and chemical filtration, and other high-end technology fields. Its excellent product performance and perfect after-sales service satisfy the demand of customers in various industries.

  • Hydrogen Energy Membrane (VHES 2.0)

    Alkaline water electrolysis is currently a mainstream hydrogen production technology, with the hydrogen production membrane being a crucial component. High-quality membranes have good conductivity and low internal resistance, resulting in significantly lower electricity consumption per unit of hydrogen produced compared to traditional membranes, offering promising prospects.

    VHES 2.0 base fabric is a new generation membrane base fabric developed by Veken specifically for alkaline hydrogen electrolyzers (ALK), with performance leading the industry.

      Currently, Veken collaborates with most of the leading domestic membrane manufacturers to create an industry-leading green hydrogen base material R&D platform. We jointly apply for hydrogen energy demonstration projects with the Ministry of Science and Technology and invest in the construction of a green industrial park, positioning ourselves at the forefront of the global hydrogen energy industry.

  • Ningbo Veken Silk Screen Co., Ltd.
    Veken Hydrogen Membrane Special Materials Co., Ltd.

Green technology home textiles

  • Technological Home Textile Supply Chain

    Veken Textiles is a national high-tech enterprise with vertically integrated capabilities from R&D and design to weaving, dyeing, finishing, and sewing of home textiles. The company excels in Ti-snow craftsmanship, ultra-soft processing, wide-width weaving, functional finishing, and eco-friendly dyeing. It uses green production technologies like bio-enzymes, cold pad-batch dyeing, and low-temperature, low-water dyeing and finishing. Veken is one of China's top three home textile dyeing and printing bases.

    Veken Textiles uses advanced Japanese technology and fiber materials to develop high-quality home textile fabrics and products. Production meets international environmental standards, industry entry standards, and national environmental requirements. The company is certified by OEKO-TEX for ecological textiles and is the first in China to receive the "CCIC Ecological Textile" certification. It has long-term supply chain partnerships with most top domestic home textile brands.

    Veken Textiles is investing in a digital and intelligent textile industrial park, continuously innovating. As a source factory, it controls product quality from raw materials. The company has introduced advanced equipment and technology, improving production efficiency and quality through highly automated lines. The industrial park is equipped with advanced wastewater treatment facilities with an annual capacity of 60 million tons to support green and sustainable production.

  • Ningbo Veken Tuo Kuo Home Textile Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Ren Feng Home Textile Co., Ltd.

Global Marketing Network

  • Industrial and Trade Overseas Marketing

    Leveraging Veken's industrial base and designated domestic cooperative factories, Veken Industry conducts import and export activities, primarily dealing in home textiles, African jacquard fabrics, clothing, and fabrics. These products are exported to over 120 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Japan, South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Veken has been honored as a AAA credit enterprise in China's foreign trade.

    Veken Industry is dedicated to creating a B2B sales platform, providing customers with more convenient and efficient product procurement services, including real-time inventory checks, quick ordering, and customized product solutions. By using digital and intelligent technologies, Veken establishes a bridge that connects supply and demand, optimizes procurement processes, and offers a one-stop purchasing experience. This approach further strengthens close ties with global partners and jointly promotes the continuous development of business.

  • Veken Home Textiles

    Veken Home Textiles is a high-end custom home textile brand focused on the "comfort sleep" concept. Using advanced manufacturing capabilities, the company employs leading technologies such as high-gloss finishing, functional finishing, ultra-soft finishing, ultra-fine high-thread-count fibers, and functional fabrics. The products are high-quality and offer functions like antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-wrinkle, and aromatherapy. Inspired by the idea that "Nature is the best designer," the designs reflect natural landscapes, highlighting a tasteful lifestyle.

    The company has achieved ISO9001 quality management certification, ISO14001 environmental management certification, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 green certification. It also received the first CCIC ecological textile certification in China's home textile industry. "Veken Home Textiles" is a well-known Chinese trademark and a renowned export brand.

    In major Chinese cities, Veken Home Textiles has established extensive sales channels and e-commerce networks, including e-commerce platforms, live streaming platforms, private domain platforms, and cross-border platforms. Through various digital touchpoints, the company connects directly with users and integrates with its digital production system, creating an M2C (Manufacturing to Consumer) loop from market to production to marketing.

  • Ningbo Veken Home Textile Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Veken E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo V.K. Industry and Trading Co., Ltd.