New Energy

In 2004, Veken entered the new energy battery industry. Leveraging its professional and efficient industrial operation capabilities, it gradually developed into a new energy battery supplier and comprehensive solutions expert, with the listed company Veken Technology (600152) as the main entity, focusing on lithium and sodium batteries.Currently, Veken Technology is one of the top five suppliers in the domestic 3C digital battery industry and is committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of battery products and an expert in comprehensive solutions for secondary energy batteries.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Veken Technology boasts a national-level academician workstation, a nationally accredited (CNAS) laboratory, and a provincial engineering technology center. The company conducts major provincial and municipal scientific research projects, including the development of sodium-ion batteries and their application in low-temperature scenarios, research on the application of silicene anodes in lithium-ion batteries, the development of lithium-ion battery packs for offshore wind power conversion and storage, the application of graphene in lithium-ion batteries, key technologies and engineering demonstrations for distributed energy storage stations, and key technologies for high-energy-density batteries. Veken Technology has advantages in the research and application of processes and new materials such as sodium-ion, multi-tab, middle-tab, graphene, and silicon anodes.

Veken Technology has multiple lithium and sodium battery production bases in Dongguan, Nanchang, and Ningbo. The company has established an advanced intelligent manufacturing process system supported by automated production lines and a data-driven production traceability system. By introducing advanced battery manufacturing technologies from South Korea and Japan, Veken Technology enhances the intelligence level of processes such as coating, slitting, laminating, winding, and packaging, integrating the production system with intelligent technologies.

Currently, Veken Technology has established strategic supply chain partnerships with leading international and domestic manufacturers in the mobile phone, laptop, mobile power, and electric equipment areas. At the same time, we have formed close cooperative relationships with China's state-owned power groups, expanding energy storage application scenarios on the generation side and the grid side.

Energy Storage Sodium Batteries

  • In 2022, Veken Technology officially entered the sodium battery field, focusing on expanding large-scale energy storage and low-speed transportation sectors.

    Veken Technology is laying out sodium-ion technology, developing related material formulation systems and production processes, and has invested in and become a shareholder of Zhejiang Na Innovation Energy Co., Ltd., one of the leading enterprises in the domestic sodium battery field. Through strategic cooperation, we are focusing on developing high energy density and cycle performance sodium-ion batteries.

    Leveraging the same production mechanism as lithium-ion batteries and drawing on decades of lithium battery production technology and experience, Veken Technology has invested in constructing a sodium battery production base in Nanchang. Using self-developed process systems and technologies, the battery's various indicators are at the industry-leading level.

    ct in the North China Oilfield, pioneering the application of sodium battery energy storage in low-temperature oilfield environments.

  • Veken Technology Co., Ltd.
    Nanchang Veken Battery Co., Ltd.

Sodium - Small Power battery

  • Based on our accumulated sodium battery technology, our company is dedicated to the small power battery field. As a comprehensive solutions expert in small power batteries, we possess the capability to produce and assemble battery modules, as well as design battery management systems (BMS).

    Leveraging our production and sales of power cells, we focus on the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of products for electric two-wheelers, industrial vehicles, robots, smart home appliances, and electric tools.Our independently developed cylindrical sodium batteries can achieve high-current discharge, targeting starter power applications in oil motorcycles, tricycles, agricultural machinery, oil and gas sectors, and pure electric vehicles.

    We have complete automated battery pack production and independent BMS development technology, intelligent battery control systems, IoT smart battery swapping systems, a big data analysis platform for battery operations, and core algorithms for charge and discharge control. This enables intelligent battery management. The battery swapping system architecture we have built offers economic efficiency, convenience, and fast charging capabilities.

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    Ningbo Veken New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

3C Digital Batteries

  • Our company specializes in supplying high energy density cell series products for smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, and other devices. These products fully meet L and IEC standards, offering fast charging, long lifespan, and high discharge rates. We have established multiple intelligent manufacturing bases for cells and PACKs in Ningbo, Dongguan, and Nanchang.

  • Additionally, our company possesses advanced manufacturing capabilities from rechargeable cell production to cell packaging. The intelligence level of processes such as coating, slitting, laminating, winding, and packaging is at the forefront domestically. We have introduced systems such as APS, MES, PDM, PLM, CRM, and SRM, forming an advanced intelligent manufacturing system for lithium-ion batteries. Our production lines enable comprehensive monitoring of every product's data and full-process tracking of every customer order.

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