Our Mission

Inspiring the World, Creating a Better Future Through Technology,To revolutionize daily life through technological advancements by strategically investing in and managing new energy, new materials, and new IoT industries to develop a comprehensive green energy technology ecosystem."

Our Vision

Veken is dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the green energy industry. By harnessing green energy, we aim to deliver sustainable social, economic, and environmental benefits to society, our nation, and the world, contributing to the sustainable development of humanity.

Core principle of advancing technology

From pioneering fiber technology to creating billion-dollar textile markets with patented Raschel products, to establishing a brand presence in Africa,From acquiring Leopard King Battery to founding Veken Battery and entering the new energy sector,Becoming the GP of a billion-dollar state Investment High-Tech Venture Capital Fund, Veken understands that technology is the primary productive force for the China future.We are committed to our technological roots, continuously evolving to build a strategic green energy technology ecosystem

Pass on the tradition of revolution,Co-Win and share the future

Veken, with roots in a state-owned enterprise and founded by descendants of early Chinese Communist Party members, upholds the spirit of 'hard work and common prosperity.' The core value of 'co-win and share the future' is integral to Veken's DNA, motivating teams to collaborate, strive, and create value together

Transparent and accountable

Since its inception, Veken has placed great importance on corporate governance. By adopting a shareholding structure composed of state capital, founding teams, and employees, and through years of standardized governance, we have developed a high-level decision-making mechanism characterized by full-trust, standardization, and transparency, which ensures Veken's continuous and stable development.

Co-win and share the future

Veken Cooperation

Strategic Partnership for Mutual Benefit:By opening up premium investment and industrial resources to our partners, we maximize enterprise value through industrial collaboration, resource complementation, and capital operations.

Veken Tongchuang

Management Shareholding:Veken adopts an operational mechanism that combines investor shareholding with a management team partnership system. By utilizing an internal equity platform, we stimulate entrepreneurial and innovative drive, achieving shared benefits.

Core Value

“Veken believes that "giving back", "growth", and "responsibility" are the keys in achieving sustainable and profitable growth. It is the framework that guides every aspect of our business.

Value Orientation

Four value orientations: Responsibility Team Spirit Culture Interests