Veken Group

Veken Group can be traced back to the Hefeng Yarn Factory in 1905, representing Ningbo‘s earliest modern textile industry.? Having undergone the evolution and changes of nearly a century of modern industrial civilization, Veken has developed into a green energy technology industry group with the mission of 'Creating a Better Future Through Technology.

Veken seizes the enormous opportunities brought by the zero-carbon economy, focusing on the three core industries of "new energy," "new materials," and "new IoT." With a dual-driven approach of industry and investment, Veken vigorously develops leading, intelligent, and green energy technology, building a green energy technology ecosystem.

As the founding shareholder and cornerstone investor of SDIC Venture Capital (SDICVC), an investment management company founded by the State Development and Investment Corp. (SDIC), Veken and SDICVC jointly manage several national-level funds with a total scale of 100 billion yuan.Serving the national innovation strategy and focusing on the transformation of scientific and technological, we mainly invest in areas such as Green Energy, New industrial materials, Advanced Manufacturing,TMT, AE and AI.

Main Sectors:

New Energy Lithium/Sodium Batteries - 3C Digital Batteries, Sodium Energy Storage Batteries, Power Batteries

Fiber Technology New Materials - Precision Mesh, Hydrogen Energy Membranes, Technological Fabrics

Advanced IoT -- New Energy Bulk Raw Materials Distribution Center, Full-Link Intelligent Digital IoT Platform, Futures Delivery Bonded Supervision Warehouse

Investment and Capital Operations - Equity/Fund Investments, Bulk Commodity Trade, Financing Leasing, Technology Real Estate

With over 100 subsidiary companies and more than 150 equity investment enterprises, including over 30 A-share listed companies.

Veken has been consistently recognized among the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing/Service Enterprises, Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises, Top 500 Chinese Foreign Trade Enterprises, and Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands for many years.


Year Veken Originated


Companies Owned, Controlled or Invested

1000 Billion

Investment Capital Managed

Development Path



Group Honors

Honors and Awards

Top 500 Companies in China

Top 500 Manufacturers in China

Top 500 Private Companies in China

Top 500 International Trading companies in China

Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China

Top 100 Companies in Zhejiang Province

Top 100 Service Companies in Zhejiang Province

Top 100 Tax Paying Companies in Zhejiang Province

Top 5 Manufacturers in Ningbo

Most Advanced Headquarter in Ningbo

Top 100 Companies in Ningbo

Top 100 Service Companies in Ningbo

Top 50 Tax Paying Companies in Ningbo

Top 50 Industrial Brands in Ningbo

The Celebrity Company in Ningbo

The Most Valuable National High-Tech Investment Company in China

Industry Position

New material silk screen:China's first and the world's top five industry leaders

Hydrogen Energy Membrane Field:Industry leader in hydrogen energy membrane base materials and a benchmark enterprise in technology.

New energy battery field:3C digital is the top five in China; New aluminum shell battery ranks second in China

New IOT field:create the first full link digital platform in China

High tech investment:Top 50 PE venture capital institutions in China

National fund manager:SDIC hi tech Fund - one of the equity fund investment institutions with the largest fund management scale and the most comprehensive fund management varieties among central enterprises

Social Responsibility

Veken always considers social responsibility as its core value, aiming to achieve harmonious coexistence among the enterprise, partners, society, environment, and ecology through the concepts of "giving back," "development," and "responsibility."